Ok, where farm some xp?

Ready for more farming tutorial? Check it out!

Level 1-5 – Tutorial

It’s now time to start the actual leveling part. Stay sharp! It’s easy and fun part in Age of Conan.

Level 6-20  – Tortage
Tortage is the starting area of Aoc. It is a lot of fun the first time around but can be a pain doing it the second or third time. Basically just follow the questlines and you should be level 20 in no time.

Level 20-40
After leaving Tortage you will end up in a city depending on your race.

Stygians start in Khemi.
Aquilonians start in Old Tarantia.

To travel between these areas
Khemi to Old Tarantia – Talk to the NPC on the  Northeastern docks.
Conarch Village to Tarantia – Talk to the Wagoneer.
Old Tarantia to Khemi – Talk to the NPC on the  Northwestern docks.
Old Tarantia to Conarch Village – Wagoneer on the road through the southwestern gate,

You can now do quests in either of these zones. Usually it is best to switch a bit between questing in all three of them.

Farming Spots

Level 20 – Picts in Tortage

Level 30 – Nemedian Soldiers in Wild Lands

Level 40-60

When you have completed the quests in all these zones you should be level 40, if not you can grind out the next levels until you are or just continue on.

Do quests and grind in these zones until around level 50.

You should now start doing the Villa’s in Tarantia Noble District. These are instances with repeatable solo quests. There are 4 Villa’s, that you can do every 4-5 hours.

The 4 Villas are

Villa Amiel – Villa Camilus – Villa Lentulus – Villa Verde

Farming Spots

Level 45 – Haunted Forest

Level 55  – Vanir Camp past the Mountain Hunting Lodge

Level 55  – Cannibal Caves in Eigolophian Mountains

Level 60-80

The main zones for leveling 60-70 is Thunder River and Atzels Approach, do quests here until around level 70.

Grinding also start being very viable at these levels and you can level just as fast or faster by grinding.

When you’ve finished in Thunder River and Atzels Approach move on to Kheshatta. This is where you will stay until level 80.

Do quests in Kheshatta along with group content and Villas until level 80.

Farming Spots:

Level 60 – Various Vanir Camps in Atzel’s Approach

Level 60 – “The Wagon” in Atzels Approach

Level 70 – Cohort Camp in Kheshatta

Level 75 – Death Master Camps in Keshatta


Which class is best for farming?

Picking the right class is crutial if your plan is to level as fast as possible. Here is a short overview of the different classes.

Barbarian – High DPS and Good survivability makes the Barbarian a good choice for soloing if you like dps classes.
Leveling Speed – Fast
Soloability – Good

Assassin – The assassin is not the best solo class, but can do ok in most cases. They have low armor and can’t take on many mobs at once.
Leveling Speed – Slow
Soloability – Fair

Bear Shaman – Very High Survivability , good DPS and heals.
Leveling Speed – Fair
Soloability – Good

Conqueror – Perhaps the best of the Melee Classes at soloing. Very high survivability but may be slow at times.
Leveling Speed – Fast
Soloability – Very Good

Dark Templar – Good survivability and good DPS. But not the fastest leveler.
Leveling Speed – Fair
Soloability – Good

Guardian – With a Polearm the Guardian’s DPS will be decent and they have high survivability.
Leveling Speed – Fair
Soloability – Fair

Demonologist – Good DPS and can deal with multiple mobs with ease.
Soloability – Good
Leveling Speed – Fast

Herald of Xotli – The HoX is also easy to level and has good DPS. A bit low survivability.
Soloability – Good
Leveling Speed- Good

Necromancer – Very fast leveler and easy to learn to play. Good against multiple mobs.
Soloability – Very Good
Leveling Speed – Fast

Tempest of Set – Powerful class, and is often said to be the best solo class in the game. The ToS is a fairly complex class to play but when done right they are very good.
Leveling Speed – Fast
Soloability – Very Good

Priest of Mitra – Easy to play and a very good healer. Abit low on the dps makes for slower leveling.
Leveling Speed – Fair
Soloability – Fair

Ranger – Same as Assassin. Dps will be focused on one target and little AOE, so this makes for some slower leveling.
Leveling Speed – Slow
Soloability – Fair

If you want more check out gry do pobrania right now.

Why Age of Conan: Unchained is different from other MMORPGs?

Age of Conan: Unchained, varies from most MMORPG titles and is a concentrating on storyline for real, and has stunning graphics and a fantasy MMORPG with a never seen anywhere before real-time combat system. It’s not easy to find game with such fantastic atmosphere, audio-visuals like in universe of Conan.


But game also has different F2P system and game is more limited for not-premium members – while downloading game and making your account, you just need to remember that Age of Conan: Unchained is not like rest of F2P MMO, so don’t expect that you will have full-premium access to whole content. Free-to-play members of Age of Conan get a small pick of four available character classes and possibility to create max two characters. Besides you find instances, spaces in your bank, adventure places, raiding possibilities and mount training limited. Free players may access the beginning of raids and the raid equipment ladder, but they are not able to complete tier 1 without purchasing to Premium access or getting entry to more available in full game raids. A larger version of the minimap can be shown with a single click or button press, granting you with much interesting perspective of your present situation.

As I said before, what makes Age of Conan totally unique is fighting system. In order to not lose your life you need to take active role during the battle. There is no pressing auto-attack button – in order to win the every battle, you have to thrust, chop, and swing using your sword. Additionally, proper using of available combos rewards you with possibility of dealing just serious damage. Well, game is pretty gory (severing of limbs and decapitations), features bare-breasted women running everywhere and numerous of players will happily agree that it’s just extremely exciting.

All-in-all if you have never had any contact with Age of Conan earlier, this is just best possible time to play in it out and check out for yourself if it’s something you really would like to play or not. I have other titles I’d rather play for now, like Deus Ex, which is just marvelous single-player game. Anyway, since AoC becoming Unchained not that long time ago, Hyboria was a witness of coming of totally new 300,000 players, with server activity becoming 4x bigger, even and Funcome is started to get more money from AoC, like two times more.


For plenty of year’s mainstream first person shooters objective was to get rid of large piles of enemies, count kill count and just travel from point A to point B. Bulletstorm isn’t that type of gaming production. Obviously, it is for real packed with total amount violence, vast explosions, blood, gore, mature language, chain gun equipped robot dinosaur and even more involved into game blood is far beyond standard shooter. But what may be most suspiring, game is not about killing – it’s about how you kill and if you do it with enough available creativity. You remember PS2 title called Burnout? If yes, I have to admit that Bulletstorm is something like Burnout of FPS gaming titles.

The game itself is just totally fantastic. It’s varies extremely, is also completely original, and it’s just totally exciting experience. I mean, come on! Bullestorm has a level where you have to battle with giant 40 story tall dinosaur and quite different one where you use remote to control a huge robot godzilla named cutely Waggleton P. Tallylicker. Talking about opponents, they are mutants – when you will be playing in the game, you will quickly discover that available enemy types are just fantastic! Every of them behave in different ways, and as usual, your job is to take them down with some unique way. In order to achieve their main objective, players are able to slide, leash, kick, shoot and make good use of the available environmental objects so it’s available to make fantastic looking mayhem in the most creative and destructive ways possible. The level design is unbelievably fantastically done.

I love using uncommon and interesting weapons, since I am quite a lover of such games like Unreal Tournament or Quake. The guns are some of the most unique I have seen for a totally long time. People Can Fly stands up there with Bungie when it comes to make weaponry that isn’t like commonly known combination of pistols and assault rifle categories of the “normal” first person game. Well, weapons available in Bulletstorm blew me off. My favorite one was the Flail Gun which is able to shoot out two explosives linked to each other. These shots are sticking to surroundings or simply tie around enemy legs and necks, which gives effect of incredible and gory deaths. In total there are 8 weapons, and while the need to finish numerous various skill kills make them really worth checking out.

The campaign mode available to play in Bulletstorm has been made up into 8 interesting chapters (along with the prologue) which will take from your life about 7-8 hours for the very first time. The campaign mode is extremely enjoyable with few crazy set pieces. If you desire to enjoy the same levels of the campaign without the cut-scenes, you are free to try out echoes mode. Although lack of the ability of playing the campaign in co-op mode with a friend, is quite disappointing. But no worries, as Bulletstorm has extremely interesting to play co-op mode named anarchy.

Few words about Call of Duty

Are you simply bored with modern, pompous first person shooting gaming titles like Call of Duty series? Do you desire some pure bloodshed? Here comes the Bulletstorm! This fantastic game is set in a unforeseen future sci-fi universe, where all gamers may step into the shoes of Grayson Hunt. Grayson is a former member of a secret army called Dead Echo commanded by General Sarrano.

Like most first shooting games available to purchase, Bulletstorm has campaign mode which divided into eight full of exciting action chapters (along with the prologue) which should take you about 7-8 hours for the first time. The campaign mode is totally entertaining despite of definitely not complex story, but with pretty interesting plot moments. After finishing (or even before starting it) campaign, you are able to enjoy identical levels of the campaign but totally without the cut-scenes, you can play echoes mode. Bulletstorm hasn’t common multiplayer, although no possibility to enjoy the campaign co-op with a pal is rather sad. But have no worries, as Bulletstorm has a totally fun to play co-op mode named Anarchy, which you will enjoy from the first sight. But I would like to save that for later part of the news.

Talking about available weapons of mass destruction, gaming production has about seven various weapons with every of them available to upgrade. Every weapon is really entertaining to use. While most of the weapons are similar to assault rifles and shotguns, they all have really unique and deadly “Charge” firing, or some features similar to sniper rifle, which allow you to steer the bullet. Everyone are able to find something for themselves. Weapon which I love using the most, is actually the Flail Gun which shoots using two explosives chained to each to each other.

In the game, the player is able to slide, kick, leash, shoot and use the all available objects around to make destroyed in the most creative and destructive ways possible. Talking about surroundings, level design is just marvelous. Every area has that type of environmental objects that you may use as a killing device – remember that information when you start to playing. Bulletstorm makes you feel like a total badass and the outstanding level design motivates you to experiment with totally new ways to get rid of the hordes of enemies that are want to massacre you. The set pieces are mind-numbingly epic, and everyone I’ve spoken to who has played the Bulletstorm is saying this is the most exciting to play shooter they’ve played for a really long time. Simply speaking – game is extreme fun wrapped up in even more fun.

As I promised earlier, I would like to tell you some information about multiplayer mode available in Bulletstorm. As I mentioned, game hasn’t a competitive PvP multiplayer mode, but the wave-based co-op Anarchy mode is extremely entertaining riot with 4 players. Progression during playing is gained by gaining up enough points from every wave of mutants and, with the bigger pay-outs reserved for full of creativity included team skillshots that require genuine co-operation between players and fluid communication amongst team-members is really a must.

The Witcher – one of the best games ever!

The Witcher was the most awaited fantasy cRPG in 2007. You may be surprised, but this gaming production did the original deliver, but even more work has gone into really polishing this already fantastic production. Actually, CDPROJEKT decided to release once again their outstanding production, but improve it with latest patch to the latest version, 1.5, make it DRM-free and make it uncensored.

When I heard from friend that I have a chance once again enjoy discovering marvelous world of Geralt and take a part during his fantastic escapades in an improved than earlier state, I began to play from the very first moment. CD Projekt had the sense both to upgrade upon an already successful gaming title and recognize the original’s rather annoying flaws. Good news is that owners of the first edition can without any problems get on their HDD Enhanced Edition without any additional money (I am sure Activision or Bioware wouldn’t do such a thing). What I found out was a significantly more coherent, much polished product, and once reexamined, a gaming production that will be surely king of RPG genre until premiere of the sequel.

This edition is simply marvelous, so apart for the slight action-cRPG handicap, people may don’t like two specific in-game features. First may be camera placement. Once more the notorious Aurora Engine keeps auto-placing it where it is bound to get on your nerves, as it targets your avatar even if that is not the really logical option. Yes, this has truly improved compared to the original but it’s not that easy to make it without issue, mainly because of engine. Different case is the controls. They need getting used to as the battling combos are still simply ruined by clicking out of proper synchronization. You do eventually find out how to play, however it’s not perfect. But if you think current battle system is unrealistic for you, you can try out downloading some interesting mods.

This really nicely done Enhanced Edition is marvelous re-release. Another new implemented features include ability to Ctrl-click on corpses which auto-loot them, inventory has been reworked with a unique slot for acquired alchemy components, and supposedly some new NPC models, although not that much to stop it feeling like you’re talking to the identical clones every made steps. In addition to the main adventure, you also get two be granted with small adventures – The Price of Neutrality, as released with the campaign editing tools a few months back, and a completely new one, Side Effects.

Well, The Witcher stands out as a totally marvelous RPG with really nicely done mechanics and an interactive, dynamic fighting system. Game developers included some mini-games whenever you’ll get bored with grinding and questing and has been included interesting character progression. All features mentioned in today’s post make The Witcher one of the totally rewarding Western RPGs in recent memory, making Bioware to be ashamed of themselves – especially after Dragon Age. Overall, the story and setting become alive and actions mean something. This is not a game of getting rid of stuff, but a game of being, where mobs annihilating is a normal part of it. Gaming production is just must-have for every RPG lover.